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    V ienna

    V ienna; 10240 KB; NickCatesDesign; HTML; Development

    1.0 V ienna

    V ienna was made for text. Using custom fonts and CSS properties, this design creates a refined typographic feel that's perfect for any newsworthy material. Import Slideshow For slideshow fans that like options - you can import your symNivo or weaverPix slideshow plug-in into the banner with PlusKit. Complete step-by-step tutorial included. Built For Speed Combined with beautiful font styling, V ienna uses code-based line work to lend a subtle distinction to your site that's color selectable and ultra-fast loading. Drop Navigation Slick drop down menus are used for sub page navigation. Effortless to create - the special formatting is applied automatically to your new and existing sub pages. 22 Social Links Facebook, Twitter, YouTube? Twenty-two of the most popular social networking / media icons are built into V ienna. Setup is quick and easy, and covered in the tutorials section.

    Version MacBook V.ienna.v.1.1.xwC.dmg | 10444 KB |
    New! version wwf_2.0_V_ienna.pkg | 9932 KB |
    Recomended MacOS V-ienna-version-1.4-NAF.dmg | 9011 KB |


    New Mojave CARTLOOM-V.2.0.4-BETA(34)-BMM.TAR.GZ 1.1.4 beta(34)
    Version to MacBook Pro SYNC.FOLDERS.VERS.3.3.8.EATQ.PKG 3.6.7

    [9011 kbytes] Update version 2.0 V ienna 8A85qC 1.3 Version iMac Pro
    [10649 kbytes] App OR1Z V 1.1 V IENNA 2.0 Version on Sierra
    [10342 kbytes] Software FQK87 3.0 V IENNA 1.4 Featured on Mojave
    [9318 kbytes] VER. 1.3 V IENNA 0KL 3.0 on MacOS
    [10854 kbytes] Get 1.2 V IENNA JET7NR 1.3 Featured MacBook Pro
    [10547 kbytes] App GOO V 1.3 V IENNA 2.0 10.13.6
    [12083 kbytes] Free V IENNA VERS 1.3 2PO78I 1.1 Recomended! version

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